Take Charge of Your Finances – MS Investment Academy

MS Investment Academy approached us looking for a membership site where they could sell their financial consultancy services online. With WordPress as our starting point we put together a site loaded with functionality. A combination of membership levels and bundles are used to grant users access levels, which decide which content on the site they can and can not see. These membership levels and bundles are sold as products, which can have varying prices based on events, previously purchased content, and client generated coupons.

Pages display different content based on what access levels are associated with the user account, making it possible to give users unique experiences based on what they have and haven’t purchased. Content Drip Scheduling also lets you hide & display content based on how many days a user has had their associated access level. This allowed us to add a 30 day video course where users gain access to a new video every day, allowing them to follow a course over the set amount of time.

This site also makes use of an event manager plugin, so users can browse a calendar and book places in events both in physical locations and online. Places at these events can be free or charged for through PayPal.

Are you thinking of selling your services online? A membership website with E-Business Promotion could be the solution for you. If you are interested, or just have some questions, please get in touch via our online form, or call us on 0131 258 0307!