Linlithgow Mill Road BID’s Interactive Industrial Estate

Linlithgow Mill Road BID came to us looking for an online platform to display the business listings of those situated in the Mill Road Industrial Estate in Linlithgow. The main feature of the site was to be an interactive map of the Estate, where buildings could be hovered to reveal links to each business’ listing which resided there, along with an extensive database of listings for local businesses to advertise themselves online.

Even though at first the specific functionality did not appear to be widely available, we managed to create a bespoke solution that met the needs of our client. After sorting the functionality our in house graphics expert took the image we were provided of the estate and replicated it as a Scalable Vector Graphic (.svg) to work best with the plugin and it’s features.

Finally we designed a page template and created the first few business listings to give Linlithgow Mill Road BID a starting point. After a couple hour’s training session at their offices in Linlithgow with a custom training document, the staff were ready to create and manage these business listings themselves, and get the database filled.

Are you interested in a new website, but are worried the functionality you need will blow the budget? Get in touch via our online form, or give the office a call on 0131 258 0307. We’d be glad to help with your online needs.